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  • 45cm Tank Top 4 row LED

    New 4 row fish tank light. Bright led light. Slim and sleek design. 1 light brighten the tank.


    It is designed to replicate natural sunlight that perfectly renders your Arowana’s natural colour. The special spectrums instantly enhance your Arowana by giving a unique shine and colour depth on the Arowana’s scales instead of a flat red / gold colour. It also helps develop your Arowana’s chromatophores (pigment cells) to further enhance the coloration.

  • ADA Bacterball (18pcs)

    Bacter Ball is a sphere shape substrate additive made from Bacter 100. You can place it on the substrate or inside the biological filtration system. It helps keeping healthy condition of fish and shrimp nibbling on Bacter Ball.

  • ADA Clear water (200ml)

    ADA CLEAR WATER is an Aqua Conditioner for eliminating phosphate (PO4) from aquarium water and it flocculates fine particles causing water cloudiness. The water becomes crystal clear with less algae growth by applying it to the planted aquarium.

  • ADA ECA (50ml)

    ECA (Efficient Complex Acid) contains natural organic acid and iron in a liquid form for easy absorption by aquatic plants. Organic acid enhances bacterial activity and the growth of the plants thereby improving the overall conditions of the aquarium. Iron helps plants in the formation of essential pigments for photosynthesis such as Chlorophyll.

  • ADA Green bacter (50ml)

    A newly setup filter in which nitrifying bacteria has not yet colonized, does not have proper functioning to maintain the water quality. Green Bacter serves to nurture filtration bacteria and stimulates their activity. Effective not only when a filter is newly setup, but also when the bacterial activity declines.

  • ADA Green brighty iron (180ml)

    Liquid iron fertilizer for planted aquariums
    Enhances healthy growth and brilliant colours
    For daily use

  • ADA Green Gain (50ml)

    Stemmed plants require frequent trimming. Stress that plants receive at trimming sometimes restrains their growth. Green Gain contains active ingredients (trace elements, minerals, amino acid etc.). Among other various botanical hormones, Green Gain includes cytokinin which, extracted from natural materials, eases plant stress and increases the resistance of aquatic plants against diseases.

  • ADA Phyton-git (50ml)

    Aquatic plants are known for secreting phytoncide to protect themselves from diseases and germs. Phyton Git is a formula which works gently with naturally extracted Phytoncide, as well as other disinfectant agents and helps aquatic plants to regain their natural strength. Contains no chemical ingredients.