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  • OF NEW HYDRA 30 – 7.5W

    The natural beauty of an aquarium creates fun and excitement in your living space. However successful fish-keeping requires the aquatic hobbyist to understand basic fish-keeping principles and to conduct regular aquarium maintenance. Poor water quality is every aquatic hobbyist’s worst nightmare, as unfavorable water conditions (i.e, high ammonia levels, excessive nutrients) could potentially stress and kill your aquarium inhabitants.

  • OF NEW HYDRA 40 – 10W

    The Hydra is the world’s first Aquatic Depurator powered by Hydro-pure Technology, combining it with Biological Filtration into one revolutionary filtration system. The Hydra enhances the natural filtration and detoxification processes by more than 50%. This constant detoxification process results in biologically clean and safe pristine water quality for your fishes, maintains water quality effectively thus reducing frequency of water change.


    Efficient Utilizing a specially designed core, the SMART Internal Filter cleans, detoxifies and treats the water with 3 filtration stages – Mechanical, Biological and Chemical filtration.