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Category: Wood

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  • 珊瑚木 (Coral Wood)

    Item No: CS01-08

    Aquarium wood roots of design which looks like coral spots. Wood originally have texture to stand alone without using plants to beautify it.

  • 精品树桩 (Boutique Stump Wood)

    Item No: CS01-04

    Aquarium wood which looks like tree roots and tree thrunks which are best for Angelfish and Discus to create the natural look and habitate for them

  • 麻花根 (Golden Wood)

    Item No: CS01-07

    Aquarium wood can be used to create stunning layouts and eye catching designs. You can also enhance the wood by attaching plants such as Anubias, Mircrosorum and mossess, which will help you achieve a mature feel. Many classic ‘Nature Aquarium’ layouts are created using wood. We have a wide range to choose from.